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The Shamanic Path

Our disconnected ways of living have cut many of us off from our connection to nature and spirit. Traditionally, Shamans helped their communities through their own powerful connection with the nature spirits. Their purpose was to help others in their tribe needing to repair their own connection to Spirit. Nowadays, this is more relevant than ever.

We can experience our connection to spirit directly through the natural world. It’s all around us, yet when we’re too busy or just unaware, we miss out on this connection.

A walk on the beach, sitting under a beautiful tree, or gazing upon a mountain stream will clear and bring harmony to your inner spirit. Taking in the warmth of the sun or feeling the wind upon your face connects you to the moment just as it is, and allows you to enjoy life even more. By doing this regularly, you will notice how your life is expanding outward. You’ll feel more creative, and you’ll feel more compassionate towards others and yourself.

In these simple ways you can begin to manifest your own inner power. Once this begins to happen, you will feel a sense of awe; knowing you’re simply allowing the universe to work through you.

My blog is a place for you to find resources you can use to learn more about Shamanism and how it can help you to know yourself in a deeper way. Shamanism teaches us how to trust in our connection to our hearts and inner voices. Discovering our own talents and using them to provide service to others helps us build a stronger sense of connectedness in our own lives that will ripple out and promote more goodwill and harmony in the world. This is what the Shamanic path is all about.

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