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     I'm a Shamanic energy practitioner, intuitive, educator and artist.  My family is from Ecuador, South America.  I've always naturally been drawn to the cosmology of indigenous cultures, especially that of the ancient Inca.  Although I grew up in urban areas, I felt an affinity for the spirit world and nature.  As a young child, I had various paranormal experiences at odds with the perception of others around me. This contrast opened me to a high level of comfort within realms outside of

our perceived reality.
     My childhood was impacted by many instances of loss and pain, mostly as a result of my Father's unexpected passing as a teenager.  This painful event left me feeling deeply vulnerable and lost.  Unable to process my grief, I developed an auto immune disorder shortly thereafter.   
     If you've ever experienced PTSD, then you will know how it totally interferes in every aspect of your life.  I'm someone who's had to work very hard to overcome its effects. Adverse life experiences overloaded my nervous system because I did not have the emotional tools to make sense of them. Ultimately, I developed several life-threatening illnesses as a result of my autoimmune disorder.  Yet, I would always bounce back into another version of health.  

     In my quest to attain wellbeing, my healing began in earnest through my exploration of Shamanic spirituality and its practices.  As I cultivated a deeper state of self awareness, I was led to Somatic body-based healing modalities such as Network Chiropractic, Neurofeedback, and Somatic Experiencing, which altogether helped me resolve physical issues in my body.  As I've continued seeking to understand the nature of my health conditions, I discovered a link between Shamanic healing principles and Body-based somatic healing techniques.  These methodologies require a deep sense of presence in one's body.
     Body based consciousness is at the heart of our own natural animal instinct.  In my life, I'd already experienced a deep connection with the natural world, yet my social conditioning cut me off from connecting to my body's own true nature.  As I cultivated a greater understanding of my body, shamanic practices and somatic principles, my symptoms of PTSD completely abated.  With that being said, my own transformational healing path is what inspires my healership.
     I'm offering services that can educate, guide and support others interested in Shamanism as they strive to find inner peace and empowerment in life. 
     I value the time you spent reading about my story and look forward to connecting with you!
With light, Mina 

Misty Woodland

I have a degree in Visual Arts and have served as a teacher in Santa Cruz and currently in Silicon Valley. Circumstances in my life inspired me to take the Shamanic Path in 2007 and I've never looked back. 

I started my private Healing practice in 2012 after completing 6 years of studies in Core & Cross Cultural Shamanism.  I recently completed a three year apprenticeship to become a Pachacuti Mesa teacher with the Heart of the Healer Mystery School, founded by Don Oscar Miró Quesada.  The Pachacuti Mesa tradition is a blend of two ancient lineages of Mesa work originating from the Peruvian Coastal and Highlands traditions.  

Expanding my understanding of the Healing Arts is also my passion. I've continued training in a variety of modalities and techniques, in order to be of the highest service possible to others. 

The courses and trainings I've pursued are related to my interest in transforming the quality of my life experience.  My studies have included Human development, Birth psychology, Adult Attachment theory and Somatic principles, Past Life healing and hypnosis.  I'm also drawn to Mystery Schools,  5 Element healing, the Shamanic cosmology of Tibetan Bon Buddhism taught by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche and the Peruvian Inca cosmology of the Pachacuti Mesa Traditions taught by Don Oscar Miró Quesada.  



Completed a 5 Part Pachacuti Mesa Tradition Apprenticeship with the Heart Of The Healer Mystery School founded by Don Oscar Miró Quesada


The Shamanic Creatrix with Alana Fairchild 


Universal Shaman Series ~ Shamanic Star Wisdom & Interdimensional Journeying to Heal Your Soul & Our

Planet course with Don Oscar Miró Quesada


Universal Shaman Series ~ Receive the Ancestral Medicine of Pachamama course with Don Oscar Miró Quesada

Universal Shaman Series ~ Shamanic Travels Beyond the Veil

For Remote Healing & Self Evolution with Don Oscar Miró Quesada

Indigenous Plant Medicine & Rituals from the Rainforest

with Adriana Ayales 


Universal Shaman Series ~ Reverence, Ritual and Renewal course with Don Oscar Miró Quesada


Universal Shaman Series ~ Becoming a Shining One course with Don Oscar Miró Quesada


Dare 1 - Attachment Mastery course with Diane Poole Heller


 Walking the Shaman's Path 3 year program with Patricia White Buffalo


Certified as a Hypnotherapy Consultant and Medical Hypnotherapy consultant.

Center for Hypnotherapy in Oakland, California.



APPAH Prenatal & Perinatal Educator course - 8 modules

Awaken to Your Magnificence program with Patricia White Buffalo

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