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My Offerings

Shamanic Energy Healing  

     All beings are forms of energy and our bodies are surrounded by what is called the Human Energy Field.  Although it’s not visible to the human eye, this field can be seen or sensed through High Sense Perception.  The Human Energy Field can contain powerful clues to the state of one’s health and wellbeing.  Having a state of presence and an awareness of the body has a positive impact upon mental and physical health and leads to a healthy sense of wholeness and integration. 


     Shamans see ailments as an imbalance of spirit and nature.  Shamanic healing techniques help to bring the body, mind, emotions and spirit back into balance. Depression, ptsd, anxiety, mental illness, and addiction, can indicate negative energy attachments, soul or power loss of afflicted individuals. 

     I work in the spirit world and with natural elements to bring healing and balance back to clients.  I also use a combination of hands on healing techniques and High Sense Perception to tap into a client's human energy field, recharge it, and clear areas where there may be energy blockages in order to bring it back into balance.  This process helps the body release old traumas and belief systems and helps bring clients to a state of wellness on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Shamanic practitioners are trained to enter an altered state of consciousness in order to gain access to the non-ordinary reality of the Shamanic World and the resulting knowledge and power it offers for personal empowerment and healing.  In this place I'm able to have access to power animals, nature spirits, elemental goddesses, guardian spirits and ancestors, who serve as helpers in my healing work with clients. 

     This training has enabled me to discover and cultivate my own connection to my spiritual source, which is how I am able to do this work. In addition to the deeply transformative healing benefits of shamanic healing, it serves to bring empowerment to clients by helping them form a deeper connection to their own spiritual source.





Soul Retrieval:  In the case of someone who has experienced the trauma of an adverse experience, part of their soul consciousness may "leave" them as a coping mechanism that protects them from their overwhelming emotions.  A Soul Retrieval occurs when this "missing part" returns after having traveled back to their human 'host' from shamanic realms.  Once this occurs, the newly "whole" person will feel a sense of renewal and integration and experience a state of peacefulness within.  


Cord Clearing:  As human beings, we're all energy beings living in a world of form, however, we aren't always aware of how our energy can travel around.  When we're in relationships with others, our energies can co-mingle as part of our interactions.  When we no longer interact so closely with others due to a mutual or forced separation, it's very possible for our energies to continue to be intertwined without our knowledge or consent.  These energies mostly appear as ribbons or cords, but can also take on other forms.  With time, the effects of energetic cords can weigh down or feel energetically limiting to an unwitting host.  With my natural intuitive sight, I'm able to locate such cords and clear them from someone's energy field in a way that will not cause any harm to the other's energy field in this process.

Energy Field repair: Each of us are made up of Energy.  We each have an energy field that is like a bubble surrounding us as we go out into the world.  It's important to be mindful of how we can be impacted emotionally and even physically by the energy fields of others.  Additionally, it's entirely possible for one's Energy Field to hold the energy of traumas or to literally be torn open under severe conditions.  As such, my intuitive sight allows me to detect and repair the Energy field when the presence of trauma energies or tears are present.

     My voice is the main tool that I use in this work. It's not traditional hypno-therapy because it goes beyond changing a behavior.  It's about helping clients to transform their lives for the better by helping them to connect with themselves and the healing properties of the Spirit world. During sessions I work with clients to help them connect with their body consciousness.  Sometimes clients will explore the stories behind their issues.  As such, past life work and ancestral healing work are effectively addressed with this modality.  

     During shamanic hypno-meditation journeys clients are guided to travel to the Shamanic realm with me.  It's possible that their higher spirit may be seeking soul retrievals, a connection with their power animals, receive elemental or ancestral healing. Any healing experience resulting from a journey is for the highest good of the client, for they will receive whatever they needed from the journey. 

     A Healing session can include sound healing.  A Native American drum or rattle is used to charge the energy field of the room.  The vibrational field created by the rhythmic drumbeats and rattle enter the core energetic field within the body.  Through this process, the body's higher self instinctually responds to the healing vibrational field, creating a pathway to the shamanic realm.  From this place, a deep healing can take place, as one's higher self will beckon power animals and spirit guides to come and bring them messages or help expand their energy field.

     The body may physically respond to the charged vibrational field by releasing negative energies held within the emotional body.  It's important to trust that the body will receive whatever healing it needs.  It's beneficial to allow any emotions that may arise to pass through the body with forgiveness, acceptance and understanding.

     A session begins with a discussion between the client and myself about the objective for their session.  Once this discussion concludes...

Zoom, FaceTime or Skype Shamanic Energy Healing:  

     I begin the session by tuning into the Human Energy Field at certain meridians of the body.  For clients, this is a profound experience and it is common to enter a deeply relaxed state of mind.  In my office, clients lay fully clothed upon a massage table. 


     For Skype sessions, a remote client will adopt a comfortable position and tune into their Human Energy Field remotely.  Additionally, during sessions, I will be guided to work upon the areas of the Chakras that require energy clearing and/or balancing.  I direct clients to tune into their body and observe any sensations or images that may come to them during this process.  I may utilize Shamanic tools such as a rattle, Native American drumming , or Nature sounds to enhance the healing process. 


     Once the healing session concludes, I ask clients to share any experiences they may have had so that I may also share with them about any messages or images I received for them.  

  • Somatic body-consciousness 

  • Soul Retrieval/Integration healing

  • Cord Healing/Energy Field repair

  •  5 Element Soul Retrieval Healing

  • Ancestral Lineage Soul Retrieval Healing

  • Shamanic hypno-meditation Journeys

  • Trauma Release Healing

  • Attachment Re-Patterning 

  • Cellular level energy healing         

  • Wise Mind technique             

  • Sound healing 

  • Toxic energy clearing & protection techniques

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