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2020 is Here… Now… & so are WE ALL!

Happy New Year!

Hopefully, it’s gotten off for a good start! In preparing for this brand new year, I couldn’t help mulling over all the events of 2019 & I was struck by the idea of the 'true' meaning of 'new beginnings'. The saying, “Every day is a new day” has taken on a deeper meaning for me in the process. It’s an especially inspiring saying, as these words hold a lot of potential for renewal and growth.

In my experience, the idea of starting fresh each day helps me stay focused on the present moment, preventing me from getting stuck in moments of the past I’d rather forget. Indeed, it’s a more forgiving way to live, allowing one to treat their life with compassion rather than shining the harsh light of 'judgement' upon the inevitable glaring mistakes we can all make in our lives. For you see, I’ve realized there’s no such thing as 'perfection' in life. We love to think we can experience perfection, but I’ve found that it mostly comes to us in tiny, bite-sized moments.

As I reflect upon my life as actually being made up of a series of tiny, bite-sized moments, I realize how my own freewill comes into play, moment by moment, as well. This helps me stay in the present. When I’m there, I can choose to focus my thoughts on the positive and not the negative things going on around me. When I’m successful at doing this, I feel like I can flow through my days and nights with a greater sense of harmony and wellbeing. I’m able to connect with the natural world around me and all that it has to offer. Have you noticed how just going outdoors provides you with that fresh perspective you needed? This is what I’m talking about.

May the blessings of the Sun and the Moon fill your days and nights with the flowing moments of a life well lived throughout 2020!!

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