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Experience the magic

of Shamanism


you'll discover infinite pathways leading to your

personal healing.

Everyone deserves to live their Best Life.   


     Seeking solutions for my life

circumstances  put me on the path

of Shamanism. 

     My healing journey inspires me to provide others with the support & guidance they need so that they too, may bring transformation &

self-empowerment into their lives. 


             My Services:

My purpose is to help clients form a deeper

connection to their own spiritual source.​    


As a Shamanic Educator and Artist, I offer

Art-Meditation workshops illustrating the Shamanic world view & how Shamanism empowers and transforms lives. 


I offer Shamanic energy healing sessions featuring complementary modalities that

are transformative and empowering. 

My Intuitive Spiritual Readings offer clients insights & guidance for living their Best Life.


   I'd like to acknowledge the challenges of living through these trying times as we navigate Life through the Covid 19 pandemic.  

   Know that I'm here to support you remotely at this time.  


    These times have been painful to witness, yet it's clear we need to face what Is in order to create Change for a more peaceful and harmonious world.

   Let's all strive together at this time by doing everything we can do to cultivate our own Self Awareness.  


   Our Awakened group energy is what will ripple out into the world and bring on the changes we want to see happening at every level.  

We Can Do This!! 




Shamanic Art MeditationWorkshops


Shamanic Energy

Healing Sessions

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