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Experience the magic

of Shamanism


you'll discover infinite pathways leading to your

personal healing.

Everyone deserves to live their Best Life.   


     Seeking solutions for my life

circumstances  put me on the path

of Shamanism. 

     My healing journey inspires me to provide others with the support & guidance they need so that they too, may bring transformation &

self-empowerment into their lives. 


             My Services:

My mission is to help clients form

a deeper connection to

their own spiritual source.​    

I offer Shamanic energy healing sessions featuring complementary modalities that

are transformative and empowering. 

My Intuitive Spiritual Readings offer clients insights & guidance for living their Best Life.

As a Shamanic Educator and Artist, I offer

Art-Meditation workshops exploring the Shamanic world view & the ways it can empower us and transform our lives. 


 In-Person Workshops this Summer!

Ritual Cosmos: Introduction to

the Pachacuti Mesa Tradition of 

Cross-Cultural Shamanism

This is a half-day exploration of the Pachacuti Mesa Tradition originated by Don Oscar Miro-Quesada.  

In this workshop you will learn:

  • Fundamentals of Shamanism & the empowerment it brings.

  • You will create your own Mesa, a sacred altar-ground & shamanic tool for engaging elemental energies & enlightened beings.

  • Discover the three worlds & a vibrant lineage of ceremony, healing, transformation & heart-centered community.

Dates: July 6th 2024 & August 3rd 2024


A Healing Place Wellness Center

841 Blossom Hill Rd. Suite 112-A

San Jose, CA 95123

Important: A materials list is provided upon your required registration.

By Donation with a suggested contribution of $20 to $35 to offset the cost of reserving the workshop space.


You will find info about my offerings here

& on my Instagram acct @minalightstar




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